Monday, July 15, 2013

"Long Nights in Monasteries"
April 2013

"I've spent long nights in monasteries."
More than three years, in fact. 
I left the world, 
And became a monk, 
Because I had some things to work out. 

Now listen carefully - It's an 
So it doesn't look like you think. 
There's no physical location. 
There's no man saying what you have to do. 
There's no bullshit Order or 
Dogmatic fanfare or just 
One sacred book. 
It's not like that. 

There are no rules, but you can help make them up. 
There is a vision, but it would be nice if you brought some ideas. 
There are no official robes, but I would bring some silly outfits just in case. 

You can visit. You can even join them, 
If you want. In my experience, 
They'll let you in so deeply and 
Love you so much 
You might not be able to come back. 
So be careful what you wish for. 
Be careful of Caterpillars, and 
Careful of dogs, and 
Careful of the Mama. 
Careful, careful, meaning 
Oh so 
Filled with care. 
Because there are other people there too - 
And you're not the only one being affected by this experience. 
What you say matters. 
What you do matters. 
What you's important. 

I bet you have a lot of ideas about what an 
Could be. 
You should. 
We're counting on you. 
But remember that the people who have built it - 
Those who have already given their lives to it - 
They know too. 
They have LOTS of ideas 
And they've heard lots of ideas - 
And they know exactly what an art monastery is. 
Its so sweet, 
The way they listen to you, 
When deep in their hearts they already know
Exactly what it should feel like and sound like. 

The Art Monastery 
Tastes like tomatoes with salt, and 
Smells like coffee and garlic, and there are so many 
People and animals, and a surprising amount of 
Electronic dance music. 

The music, 
My god, the 

There is also more  
Than you could possibly handle. 
And tears, at whatever meal you want. 
Theres usually a weird collection of 
And cats and chickens around. 
There are literally endless round table discussions, about 
Anything you can imagine. 
And there's music everywhere, all the time, and 
People with new ideas, 
Who are just trying and drawing and loving and leaving all over the place. 
They're transformation hosts over there, 
Which means a LOT of crazy, wonderful people come through. 
If you stay long enough, you get to love all of them. 

So when you go - 
Make sure you bring your whole self. 
And don't hold back. 
And jump, when its time, 
No matter how scary it is. 

My god, 
You just have to 
See the sun 
Rise like that 
Over those mountains. 
And you have to BE in some of those meetings 
Where you believe you actually can change the world.
And you have to FEEL the magnitude and weight of 
Mystery - of knowing that you are part of something 
So much bigger than yourself. 
It's outside your body, 
It's not just up to your one mind - 
We're doing this thing together, 
Don't forget. 

And don't forget to feed the dogs. 
And take the car in right away when the light comes on. 
And think ahead about when we need groceries 
Because if it's Sunday or Tuesday morning or Thursday afternoon 
And we're out of beer, 
We're totally screwed. 
And don't make her go alone to the post office. 
She could, 
But it's harder that way, and 
There's no reason to go alone. 
And make sure you say yes to scrambled eggs, every time. 
Try to say yes to everything. 
To love
As much as possible

Shit, man. 
What do I know. 
Probably things have changed a little bit over there. 
Best case scenario, really. 
People go on without you. 
I find such profound relief, and
In that. 
In learning you don't have to do it all on your own. 
That's one of the things I learned at the monastery. 
In fact, 
That might be the reason I came. 
To know that. 

So, look, you'll have to figure it out in your own. 
You'll be fine. 
It's gonna be great. 

It doesn't look like you think it will. 
It didn't look like I thought it might. 
I don't know what I thought,
But in the end,
It's exactly what it's supposed to be. 

And the one thing I know for sure - 
It's the privilege of a lifetime,
To be in the Art Monastery with you. 

I'll always be...

Nowhere with you....